[VII] Are We Prepared for the World to Reopen?

By Xiaoying Juliette Yuan, owner and founder ofJ. Yuan & Associates LLC, New York

Since April 14th, along with the return of warmer weather and the cautious reopening of Denmark and Austria, the world has slowly begun to lift its lockdowns, entering the post-Coronavirus time. Some of my Italian friends boarded their flights for Italy last week after a two-month quarantine in California. Families, friends, and colleagues in France began posting photos of their first visit to the outdoor markets in their neighborhoods, while others in Beijing and Shanghai have begun to get excited about all sorts of reunions in restaurants, at parties or art openings. However, the situation in the U.S. where the Coronavirus outbreak arrived later than in Asia and Europe seems less optimistic.

According to the Washington Post's report on May 16th, "most states and U.S. territories have begun to ease restrictions on businesses and social activity." This is not the situation in New York though. On the eve of the Memorial Day weekend, New York is facing 355,037 cases and 28,168 deaths, most of which are centered in New York City. Coronavirus is still spreading in many parts of the state. Governor Cuomo postponed the reopening of New York City from May 15th to June 13th; in the meantime, a four-phase plan has been applied to the State's reopening, starting "May 15th Central New York, Finger Lakes, Mohawk Valley, North Country and Southern Tier" (more detailed information can be found on https://forward.ny.gov/industries-reopening-phase).  Essential industries are allowed to reopen during the first phase. The Arts/Entertainment/Recreation and Education category is at Phase Four - the bottom of the list, without precise dates.

On May 15th, Artforum published the following list containing the "rescheduled" and "canceled" events in art and culture, which inspired me to do the copy-paste in my current newsletter to share with everyone no matter whether you are an art professional or an art lover, hoping that it will help most of us to make up a meaningful schedule for the rest of our year.

Before you go and check Artforum's list, remember that you can at any time make a stop from your reading when you feel anxious or frustrated, check-in with the New York-based computer art pioneer John F. Simon, Jr., switch your mood by making a meditation drawing on hisDrawing Bee classes. One hour every week, drawing and meditation will help you to reset your mind to clarity, keep you moving forward in any type of world you have to fit in, lockdown or back-to-normal.