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Fine Art Appraisal

(Personal Property Appraisal)

JY&A founder, Xiaoying Juliette Yuan is a USPAP Compliant Fine Art Appraiser (through March 15th, 2024), an Accredited Member of the Appraisers Association of America, and has worked in the Contemporary Art market for over 20 years. Juliette helps international artists and collectors evaluate their estates and collections, conduct research and market analysis, and write appraisal reports. She approaches clients with tailored and bespoke services according to each individual's needs.

  • Areas of Services: Charitable Donation, Estate Tax Liability, Equitable Distribution, Insurance

  • Areas of Specialization: Postwar, Contemporary, Emerging Art (Accredited); European art, 20th-21st century; Prints, 20th and 21st century; Chinese 20th-21st century

  • Consulting and Appraisal Experience: Paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, sculpture, photographs, Chinese inkwork, new media installations

  • Appraised artists: Francis Bacon (UK), Gerhard Richter (DE), Robert Rauschenberg (U.S.A), Susan Rothenberg (U.S.A), Salman Toor (PK/USA), Nicolas Party (BE/USA), Yayoi Kusama (JP), Zao Wou-Ki (FR/CN), Chu Teh-Chun (FR), Zhou Chunya (CN), Ding Yi (CN), Zhang Peili (CN), Zhang Enli (CN), among others

Q & A about Fine Art Appraisal (Personal Property Appraisal)

Art Advisory


JY&A cultivated its professional connections in the international art world from its founder, Xiaoying Juliette Yuan's twenty years of curatorial, advisory, and hands-on practice in North America, Europe, and Asia with leading artists, museums, international art festivals, biennials, art fairs, and governmental institutions and services. We build long-term partnerships with our clients. And we are keen to understand their purposes and needs and work with them together to find the most efficient strategy and process to reach their goals within a well-defined budget in maximizing their gained values. 

Since our foundation in 2018, we have provided bespoke advisory services for international artists and collectors in evaluating artworks, conducting research and market analysis, and proceeding with sales and acquisitions. We have helped emerging artists establish their market in New York, consigned leading American artists' works, cultivated their market between China and the US with physical and online exhibitions, and placed their work in private homes and Chinese Museums. 

We work with both the primary and secondary markets. Whether you are a new art buyer or seasoned collector, seeking to purchase a new piece of art from galleries, through private dealing or on an auction sale, or looking for the next buyer for your current collection, we are ready to listen to you and discuss. 

Please feel free to get in touch.

Q & A about Art Advisory

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