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Appraisal Fee Estimates

The AAA appraisers need to consider the following conditions when estimating their appraisal fee:

  • Time for the appraiser to complete a project: an appraisal can go from weeks to a couple of years, depending on the number of artists and items to appraise;

  • Number of appraisers working on the project: complex appraisals may solicit more than one appraiser's effort to complete the projects within the required deadline; 

  • Type of appraisal: different types of appraisal directly impact the time the appraiser(s) need to complete the project;

  • The artist: well-known artists usually have easily accessible sources, while an emerging artist requires the appraiser to dig to find resources and/or other similar artists for comparables.

The AAA appraisers charge their clients upon the following terms:

  • Hourly rate: based on the appraiser's experience, usually from $75 (new appraisers) to $350 per hour;

  • Project rate (flat fee): based on time or number of items;

  • Per Diem / Daily rate: based on time

The AAA appraisers NEVER charge commissions.

JY&A Appraisal Fee Estimates

Hourly rate (minimum)

Regular case: $150

Urgent case: $200

Project rate & duration (minimum)

Regular case: $1,250

Urgent case: $1,550

Duration per project: 5 business days

Estimated total value of each appraisal: $20,000 

Per Diem / Daily rate (minimum)

Regular case: $375

Urgent case: $475

* These are estimations only. The final cost is based on actual duration of each project. 

* The client is responsible for all traveling and incidental expenses, including photography charges.

What Are You Paying For

Appraisal Process

i. Object or collection identification and examination (personal or remote)

ii. Photography (optional) - Check the IRS Photographic Requirements for Art, Antiques, Decorative Arts & Other Cultural Properties

iii. Marketplace investigation (primary market and/or secondary market: regional, national and international galleries, auction houses, private dealers, consultants, experts, etc.)

iv. Comparable research (art market reports, online databases,  Object ID Protocol, Lost Art Registries, etc.)

v. Market analysis (usually including Global Art Market, Post-War & Contemporary Art Market, and the appraised Artist(s) Market)

vi. Description of the Appraised Property and Comparables (with or without notes, insurance appraisal excluded)

vii. Additional elements to include in the Description of the Appraised Property and Comparables

  • Provenance

  • Condition

  • Catalogue raisonné number

  • Artist's nationality and birth/death dates

  • Publisher, printer, foundry

  • Exhibition and publication history

  • Importance/significance of the work

vii. Biography of the Artist(s)

viii. Others

JY&A Appraiser's Qualifications Language: native/trilingual proficiency in English (US), French (France), Chinese mandarin (native, mainland China) Consulting and Appraisal Experience: Paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, sculpture, photographs, Chinese ink work, and installations supported by new technologies Areas of Specialization: Postwar, Contemporary, Emerging Art (Accredited), European art, 20th-21st century, Prints, 20th and 21st century, Chinese 20th-21st century Juliette Yuan has worked in the Contemporary Art market for nearly 20 years. In 2018, she started Juliette Yuan & Associates LLC (JY&A) in New York, providing bespoke advisory services for international artists and collectors in evaluating artworks, conducting research and market analysis, proceeding with sales and acquisitions, exhibition curatorial, and building and managing collections. As an Accredited Member at the Appraisers Association of America and specializing in Post-War, contemporary, emerging art, with Chinese antiques and 20th-21st Century art as the additions, Juliette has helped her clients evaluate works of blue-chip artists such as Gerhard Richter (DE), Fernand Léger (FR), Jacob Lawrence (USA), Salman Toor (PK/USA), Nicolas Party (BE/USA), Yayoi Kusama (JP), Yoshitomo Nara (JP), Zao Wou-Ki (FR/CN), Zhang Enli (CN), among others, for different purposes. In addition, she has helped Chinese emerging artists establish their market in New York, consigned the works of American pioneer artists by cultivating their new markets between China and the U.S. by organizing online and offline thematic art salons, exhibitions, and educational events, and placed their work in private homes and Chinese Museums. Before starting JY&A New York, Juliette was a gallery director at Trace de Chine Chinese antique gallery in Paris (France) and a contemporary art curator and advisor between the US and mainland China. She has consulted, curated, and produced large-scale international exhibitions and educational programs for the Museum of Moving Image in New York, the New York Electronic Art Festival, Shanghai Biennial, Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum, and Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai, and worked in executive positions at the ShContemporary Art Fair (Shanghai) and the Art Beijing International Art Fair (Beijing), among others. Juliette has completed the Accredited Membership courses at the Appraisers Association of America and has passed the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice Exam.

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