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How Crypto Art vs. Digital Art Won Incredible Feedback from the Artists' Community?

"It was great, and your questions and overview were obvious, something that is missing in the muddle of NFT discourse."

- Mark Amerika / Digital and NFT Artist

"Your program on NFTs was the best ever!!! Legal, top artists in the world, important collector - what a combination of brilliant people who see the current value, various pluses and minuses..."

- Nina Colosi / Founder, the Streaming Museum

"Good and interesting panel discussion, congratulations!"

- Vinton Rollins / Financial consultant

"Your panel was smart and insightful!"

- A panel attendee & anonymous contributor, United Nations

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Our first session of ART, CAPITAL, NFTs & SOCIAL VALUES panel conversation program on June 11, 2021, Crypto Art vs. Digital Art - Definitions, Aesthetics, Value System & Potential Dangers, received a lot of positive feedback and exciting comments from our attendees.

About two months ago, I attended an online panel organized by two young attorneys from Falcon Rappaport & Berkman PLLC. They talked about copyright, licensing, ownership issues in blockchain, and NFTs. The event brought new and vital knowledge for me working as an art consultant who had to face an entirely new working environment revolved around blockchain and NFTs after two decades of curating and consulting in the contemporary and digital art world.

I booked a zoom meeting with Ken and Moish, the two attorneys who hosted the panel. During the conversation, I told them that listening to their forum, I realized that we were dealing with two different "digital art" worlds. I knew how their digital art world looked like - through Beeple, Pak, Mad Dog Jones, and many other NFT artists and content creators in music, book, car, fashion, sport, and luxury industries. But, they didn't know about my digital art world, where generations of fine art artists, curators, critics, gallerists, and museum professionals have researched, practiced, written about, and exhibited creations supported by computer science, 3D printing, VR, AR, and AI technologies. They cultivated a market for this type of art over several decades, and it's today still relatively marginal within the big mainstream art world. So, at the end of our zoom meeting, I proposed: "Why don't we host an event together? I bring people from my digital art world to meet with people in your digital art world; we have them to get to know each other and to talk to each other."

Art, Capital, NFTs & Social Values panel conversation program was initially a one-time event. However, in drafting the panel structure, questions kept emerging daily from the news I was reading and the events I saw happening with my art colleagues in the US and overseas. Among all the debates I attended, the question the least asked was the definition of digital art and the value system of NFTs. The questions were challenging and all the time on my mind as I sought the right speakers for my first panel conversation. They also appeared to be the most important questions we needed to answer at the beginning of the panel. Sylvain Levy vs. Claudia Hart + John F. Simon Jr. seemed to be the perfect collector+artists match to deliver satisfying answers to all the questions I prepared for the first panel.

Click to watch the recording

Questions I prepared for the first panel conversation speakers were also - or most importantly, if I may be a little selfish at this point - to solve my confusion as an art consultant. I started investigating blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2017. The emergence of NFT forced me to reposition myself in the chaotic, fast-evolving, and exciting crypto time. How should I understand the time I'm living and the dominant NFT movement? What's my advice as an art consultant for artists and collectors? What message shall I deliver through my professional activities? An art consultant's work is to provide information and insight into the art market, recommend prominent and promising artists' works to collectors, evaluate, advise, and guide collectors in their art collecting activities and collection management. If I can't answer these questions, how can I continue working as an art consultant?

Creating a panel conversation program helps me answer these questions. But before all, it forced me to immerse myself in endless reading and research of blockchain and NFTs. I hope that this laborious yet adventurous process has led to a satisfying result and served our creators' community well. It was crucial to bring in Falcon Rappaport & Berkman's knowledge and experience in copyright, licensing, and ownership issues by inviting Kenneth J. Falcon and Moish E. Peltz to co-present and co-moderate the panel. NFT creators must know how to protect themselves before any action.

Huge THANK YOU to everyone who made our first panel Crypto Art vs. Digital Art - Definitions, Aesthetics, Value System, and Potential Dangers a great success! Our second panel focusing on the future of cryptocurrency and NFT in the financial market, art collection, estate, and wealth planning will come up soon. I'm immersing myself again in the reading and researching cycle. With a new group of unique and talented individuals, we will work together to bring you another fantastic event about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.

Juliette Yuan Art Consultant Postwar * Contemporary * Digital Inquiry: Phone consultation: +1 (917) 742 3988


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