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How Crypto Art vs. Digital Art Won Incredible Feedback from the Artists' Community?

"It was great, and your questions and overview were obvious, something that is missing in the muddle of NFT discourse."

- Mark Amerika / Digital and NFT Artist

"Your program on NFTs was the best ever!!! Legal, top artists in the world, important collector - what a combination of brilliant people who see the current value, various pluses and minuses..."

- Nina Colosi / Founder, the Streaming Museum

"Good and interesting panel discussion, congratulations!"

- Vinton Rollins / Financial consultant

"Your panel was smart and insightful!"

- A panel attendee & anonymous contributor, United Nations

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Our first session of ART, CAPITAL, NFTs & SOCIAL VALUES panel conversation program on June 11, 2021, Crypto Art vs. Digital Art - Definitions, Aesthetics, Value System & Potential Dangers, received a lot of positive feedback and exciting comments from our attendees.

About two months ago, I attended an online panel organized by two young attorneys from Falcon Rappaport & Berkman PLLC. They talked about copyright, licensing, ownership issues in blockchain, and NFTs. The event brought new and vital knowledge for me working as an art consultant who had to face an entirely new working environment revolved around blockchain and NFTs after two decades of curating and consulting in the contemporary and digital art world.