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Juliette Yuan & Associates (JY&A) is an LLC registered in New York State, providing art advisory and appraisal services to international artists and collectors. We specialize in Post-War, Contemporary, Emerging Art, and Chinese 20th-21st Century Art. Our knowledge of art history and the market and our ability to handle complex projects come from our long-time hands-on practices managing and advising art businesses, curating large-scale exhibitions and educational programs at prestigious art fairs, biennials, and festivals, representing and consigning emerging and pioneer artists in Europe, China, and the US and creating new markets for them on the three continents. We gained expertise and credentials from collaborations with highly-regarded art professionals and institutions on different continents.

​As an experienced advisor, a USPAP-Compliant Fine Art Appraiser, and an Accredited Member of the Appraisers Association of America (AAA), JY&A founder Juliette Yuan assists artists, private, corporate, and institutional collectors, family offices, estate planning attorneys, and insurance companies in advising their art collector clients in the art sale, acquisition, investment, collection management, and maintenance matters, and preparing appraisal reports for the following purposes: (non-cash charitable) donation, insurance, the estate with a (non) surviving spouse, tax loss, equitable distribution, estate planning, inventory, damage, collateral, liquidation, net worth, and others (to be specified). JY&A excels at art history, art market research, and analysis and provides expertise and credentials in personal property valuation and report writing under IRS requirements for appraisers in keeping the highest standards of ethics, conduct, and professionalism required by AAA and the profession.

We Have Provided Services For

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Clients' Reviews


They transformed the limited space of this apartment to a multi-layered and rich space, which integrated art into life. The overall arrangement and decoration were quite elegant and subtle—everything felt just right, and it made me experience the intimacy between art and life. It was impressive. 

—  Lan Zhi, Private Collector, New York / Beijing

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