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Who We Are and What We Do

J. Yuan & Associates LLC is an art consulting firm based in New York City.

We help art collectors and enthusiasts to discover and own art

that aligns with their identities, values, and goals. 

Our passion is modern and contemporary art from 1900 to the present,

with a special interest in the art created with cutting-edge technology.

We show you the masterpieces and rising stars' works with

art tours art trips

We help you to find your taste, understand the art market and game rules with

collectors' workshops;

We surprise you with the art created by pioneers and emerging talents with

private art salons.

Our art consultancy and acquisition services are tailored for

individuals, business owners, corporates, and institutions.

We help you to connect with the dealer and artists,

guide you through the art purchasing process, own your beloved artwork.

Our goal is to make our services the most efficient tools for you

to create a unique way of living and to be the winner of your world. 


Interested in knowing how we can make you the winner of your world? 

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