From 1 to 6: Why Did We Expand Our Team during COVID-19?

Time is tough. The world has changed dramatically by COVID-19. J. Yuan & Associates LLC, a New York-based art consulting firm recently expanded its lineup from one person to a team to explore new business models for young art consultants to work in the U.S. in the post-pandemic future. How to re-establish mutual trust between people? How to reconstruct our daily life? How shall we interact and coexist with others? How can we overcome the financial difficulties while still holding on to our dreams and careers? Facing the severe economic depression and political uncertainty in the rest of 2020 and probably the entire year of 2021, five young art professionals joined JY&A to form a team alongside the founder, helping her to enhance the firm's consulting services and art salon program. JY&A specializes in post-war and contemporary art, with a special interest in art and technology. The current team members are all young and female professionals and entrepreneurs living in the U.S. Some of them have backgrounds in nonprofit sectors while others have spent years pursuing passions beyond the art world.

On the Profession Of Art Consultant in the Post-COVID Time

Xiaoying Juliette Yuan

Founder / Director of JY&A

I believe in the collective intelligence and corporate management model in running a business. Art consulting firms are no exception.

In New York, when you tell others you are an art consultant, mostly you will be taken as an art salesperson. The primary clients you attract are artists and galleries who propose to show you their studios and checklists. Galleries usually propose a calculated percentage as commission, while artists need your support, whether it is your resources, funds, or network - anything you have in hand to foster their careers, as well as yours.

I question the working model mentioned above