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J. Yuan & Associates New York has a clear mission of helping art collectors and enthusiasts to discover and acquire artworks that align with their identities, values, and goals.
We specialize in Western art (post-war to present), Contemporary Chinese Art, and art created with digital and cutting-edge technologies.
We assist collectors in discovering new art, conducting research, planning exhibitions, managing acquisitions, sales, commissions, and building collections. 
We present established and emerging artists' works in art salons, assisting them on their way to greater success.
We rely on our rigorous academic research, market analysis, extensive network, and rich experience working with both nonprofit institutions and commercial art endeavors to provide high-quality consulting services to our clients. We associate with curators, consultants, dealers, and galleries from various continents. Our professional network covers Asia, Europe, and North America, and draws on vital connections with top galleries, institutions, art fairs, auction houses, and private collectors.

Founder | Director

Xiaoying Juliette Yuan is a contemporary art consultant currently based in New York City.

Fluent in Chinese, French, and English, she has rich experiences drawn from living and working in China, France, and the U.S.  
Ever creative, innovative, and experimental, she was actively involved for more than a decade in media art research, curatorial practice, and educational programs as one of the pioneer contemporary art curators in Mainland China and on the international stage before founding her art consulting agency in New York City.

From 2004 to 2017, she produced international exhibitions, conferences, artists workshops, and publications in collaboration with governmental institutions (Ministry of Culture in China, French Consulate, British Council, Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council in Shanghai, among others), museums (Power Station Of Art, Shanghai Himalayas Museum, The Imperial City Art Museum Beijing, among others), festivals, biennials (Shanghai Biennale, Chengdu Biennale), art academies (Central Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Institute Of Visual Arts, among others), and private art spaces. Her projects involved many of the world's most influential scholars, artists, curators, art critics, musicians, and architects, who showcased and discussed cutting-edge theories and artistic creations. Her most important projects include the first retrospective exhibition of Roy Ascott, the renown telematic art pioneer from the UK at the 9th shanghai biennale (2012), the publication of a three-volume "Media Arts Collection" introducing Western media art history in Mandarin (2013), and organization of the Asian art programs of the New York Electronic Art Festival (2013 and 2015), in collaboration with The Museum Of Moving Image New York, and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office New York.

Yuan's early years spent in France, working for French corporates, and a family owned-antique business in Paris helped her to gain excellent skills in administration and business management, which later facilitated her landing at executive posts at international art fairs in China (ShContemporary Art Fair in Shanghai, Art Beijing international art fair in Beijing). She kept her interest in art and business vivid while she was working with non-profit institutions. After her immigration to the U.S., she started making a career transition from curator to a consultant by organizing numerous events investigating the issues of the 

digital art collection. In 2017, she initiated an important project between two renowned galleries in New York and in Shanghai, and managed their collaboration at the Westbund Art & Design Fair in Shanghai in presenting the New York gallery's two leading artists' solo exhibitions to Chinese public.

Yuan holds a Bachelor in French language from China Foreign Affairs University, an Master in Comparative Literature from La Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris III University, and accomplished a one-year visiting scholarship in Music and Performing Arts Profession at New York University (Steinhardt).

Meet The Team

Yilan Elaine Qiu

Management | PR


Elaine Qiu was born and raised in Shanghai, China, where she found her love for art and culture through many visits to museums and libraries. Her past experiences spanned from curatorial projects, gallery operations to public relations. She assisted the preparation of Cai Guoqiang’s solo exhibition in Cleveland Museum of Art, presented marketing strategies for Fosun Foundation and was in the team that managed Art Basel’s media relations in Europe and North America. 


At JY&A, Elaine assists the founder, handles all matters related to the firm's management, press/media and coordinates the team on a daily basis.

Elaine has obtained Bachelor’s degree in Art History and English Literature as well as Master’s degree in Visual Arts Administration in New York University.

Yinxue Sheryl Wu

Curatorial | Research 


Yinxue (Sheryl) Wu, born and raised in Shanghai, has spent her formative years in London and New York. Her passion for modern and contemporary art derives from visual culture and media studies, leading her research and writing to specific topics, such as gender theories, urbanization, and mass entertainment. She has held positions in various art institutions and organizations in both Shanghai and New York, working with award-winning artists across media, including Pixy Liao, Asad Raza, Amalia Ulman, Robert Zhao Renhui, and Andros Zins-Browne. Prior to JY&A, she assisted with the VIP management and event coordination at the Independent Art Fair. She also led the curation of the group exhibition Betwixt and Between at the Commons Gallery, New York University.


At JY&A, Yinxue is responsible for curatorial affairs, research projects, and artist liaison.


Yinxue received her Bachelor's degree in Communication from Fudan University and obtained her Master's Degree in History of Art and Archaeology from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.

Finn Leong

(Yuqing Liang)

Business Development 

Originally from China, Finn Leong has been a proud New Yorker for a decade, with experience in both fashion and art. In the past, she curated award-winning artists, such as Esperanza Cortez, Tatiana Arocha, Graciela Cassel, Frank Yefeng Wang, and Sholeh Asgary and presented shows at Clemente Art Center, SPRING BREAK Art Show 2020 New York, and received press review from New York Times. As a fashion designer, she worked on renowned projects for Taylor Swift and Montana. The brands she worked at received recognition from Kanye West and 50 Cent and are commonly worn by celebrities both from the East and the West. Her personal collection was featured in WWD, VFILES, VMAGAZINE, and ARTTHREAD.

Having worked in both fashion and the art world, Leong appreciates the intertwined and inseparable relationship between the two fields, however, it is on the business level that the collaboration and connection of the two truly take place. As she believes in many other fields, business engagement is ultimately what procures projects, pushes for growth, and guarantees sustainable development.


At JY&A, Leong hopes to further her practice in developing various business possibilities within arts and fashion, exploring new markets for our consigned artists, developing JY&A's collaborations with various industries. Leong holds a Master’s degree with honors from Sotheby’s Institute of Art and a Bachelor’s degree with exemplary collection in Fashion Design from Pratt Institute.

Shihuan Coco Zhou 

Branding |

Content Management

Coco Zhou grew up in Shenzhen, China and Vancouver, Canada. She has worked at various cultural non-profits and arts publications, where she found her passion in mobilizing web and graphic design for community development and outreach.


At JY&A, Coco conducts research on digital marketing and search engine optimization, in addition to developing communication strategies. She also copywrites and implements branding narratives and promotional content on Instagram and Facebook. 


Coco graduated from McGill University with a B.A. in Art History. In May 2020, she received her M.A. in Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture from Bard Graduate Center.

Hua Zhao

Branding | Editorial

With a liberal arts education background, Hua Zhao is interested in art history and interdisciplinary studies. She is particularly interested in Chinese art, material culture, cultural exchanges between East and West, Renaissance art, as well as digital humanities. She acted as an interpreter and assisted with the exhibition, Ai Weiwei: Bare Life, at Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum (St. Louis, 2019-2020).


At JY&A, Zhao works on curatorial research and media promotion, and facilitates the access of Chinese collectors to our services.


Zhao studied literature and art history at Sun Yat-Sen University, Dartmouth College, and Washington University in St. Louis.

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