[VI-English version | 中文版] Self-immunity & Art of Living | 自我免疫与人生艺术

By Noelle Xie (USA) | 作者:谢可纬

Author introduction:

Noelle Xie is the first Chinese-American woman awarded the highest honor by France “Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur”. She is a global advocate for sustainable development and a curator of contemporary art. Noelle works with the United Nations, the US Department of State and the US-China Museum Summit. She mobilizes resources and establishes public-private partnerships to support global health and education. Fluent in English, French and Chinese, Noelle is a champion of multilingualism and multiculturalism in civilization dialogue and cultural/art exchanges. She speaks worldwide on philanthropy and impact investment, fashion and women’s leadership, UN and SDGs. Graduated from Paris -Sorbonne Law School, Noelle started her career at UN, worked for UNICEF and WHO in New York, Geneva and across Africa.

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谢可纬是首位获得法国最高荣誉骑士勋章的美籍华裔女性。她是全球可持续发展倡导者和当代艺术策展人。谢女士为联合国,美国国务院和美中博物馆峰会提供专业服务。通过资源整合和跨界合作促进全球健康与公共教育。精通英语,法语和中文,谢女士在文明对话与文化艺术交流中捍卫多语言和多元文化。她在世界各地演讲, 推动慈善事业与公益投资,时尚与女性领导力,联合国和可持续发展目标。谢女士的职业生涯始于联合国,先后在纽约,日内瓦和非洲为联合国儿童基金会UNICEF和世界卫生组织WHO工作。谢女士毕业于巴黎索邦大学法学院。

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Around March and April, several journalists in New York and Paris have interviewed me through telephone and social media about the health crisis. To be honest, I was not enthusiastic to talk about this issue since I left WHO long time ago. I am not a government official today nor a pandemic expert, I just follow daily and instant news like everybody else. One reporter has really insisted, so I said: “Well, I am not a virus specialist, I do not want to mislead the audience, maybe I can share some of my thoughts on health and immunity”. So here we are.

最近几个月,有几位来自纽约和巴黎的记者, 就全球健康危机话题对我进行采访。 说实话, 自从我离开世卫组织后,我不怎么热衷于谈论这类话题。今天的我既不是政府官员,也不是流行病学专家,和其他人一样,我不过是每天关注下新闻和时事。有位记者坚持提问,我就说:“我不是病毒专家,我不想误导大众,也许我可以分享