Art & Technology: Understanding the Value of the Artist’s Creative Process

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

By Xiaoying Juliette Yuan

Art collectors' knowledge and understanding of Art & Technology have become more and more mature in recent years. It's not only reflected in every private art museum and galleries' exhibition projects, but also in the fact that most works purchased by JY&A collectors were created with cutting-edge technologies. Since March, like every other industry, our seasonal Art Salon exhibitions have all moved online due to the pandemic. The social distancing policy has created tremendous difficulties for us to maintain relationships with the old buyers and reach the new ones. But the good thing is, in terms of displaying tech-based art, the virtual space seems to offer new exhibiting facilities.

Before switching to an art consultant, I’ve worked for fifteen years as a curator and researcher in Art & Technology. I have also collaborated with many pioneer artists across Europe and the US in numerous exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and other experimental projects. We all know that the market for tech art has always been marginal and unstable. Among the top-tier commercial art institutions, Christie's investment in supporting the tech-art and its market has been significant. From 2018 to 2020, Christie's has held the Art + Tech Summit at Christie's in London, New York, and Hong Kong on the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and mixed reality technology. It has also brought Marina Abramovic's mixed reality work The Life to the 20th Century Art Auction during Frieze London, which then toured Los Angeles and New York in 2019. Even after the global pandemic outbreak, Christie's is also the first auction house to hold online auction spanning four cities in one relay-style format to boost collectors’ enthusiasm worldwide. Seeing that the world's first-tier auction houses have invested so much energy and capital to continue to promote the collaboration of tech and art, we hope that they can successfully eliminate the reluctance to this relatively new art discipline that’s only been around for over 50 years.

Image courtesy of Christie's.