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Art Dealing & Collecting in Post-COVID-19 Time | 后新冠时代的艺术经纪与收藏


By Xiaoying Juliette Yuan


On June 6th, Art Basel made the official announcement of the cancellation of its 2020 September show. 282 of the world’s leading galleries will showcase over 4,000 “exceptional artworks” in the fair’s Online Viewing Rooms from June 19 to June 26 (Preview Days June 17-19).


Screen shot, Art Basel cancels 2020 September show announcement. Art Basel official website | 巴塞尔艺术博览会关于取消2020展览的通告截屏画面(巴塞尔博览会官网)

On June 10th, Trusts & Estates Journal delivered an online webinar hosted by the magazine’s editor in chief, Susan Lipp. (Huge THANKS here for friends who recommended it to me!) The one-hour panel on “Planning strategies for fine art and collectibles” gathered three experts from art advisory, art law, and art auction, covered diverse topics from the future of the online art sales, dealing and collecting in post-COVID-19 time, to the precautionary measures that collectors need to consider to protect their property and assessment.

6月10日,“信托与房地产杂志”举办了一期由杂志主编Susan Lipp主持的在线网络研讨会。(在此特别感谢向我推荐了这期研讨会的朋友们!)为时一小时的有关“艺术与藏品规划策略“的研讨聚集了来自艺术咨询,法律和拍卖领域的三位专家,讨论议题涵盖了从有关后新冠时期在线艺术销售,经纪和收藏的未来,到藏家针对其财产与评估需要重视和采取的预防措施。

Screen shot from the online webinar, Planning Strategies for Fine Art and Collectibles, organized by Trusts & Estates, June 10th, 2020 | “艺术与藏品规划策略”线上研讨会,由信托与房地产杂志举办,2020年6月10日