Collections Management
Documenting art - the most painful part of your work is in our charge
  • You need a strategy when purchasing artworks. The RIGHT strategy will increase your wealth.

    • Artworks can be a part of your wealth portfolio.

    • Even if you are just purchasing artworks to decorate your house, hiring an art consultant can still make maximum value out of your selected works.

  • If you have already started collecting art...

    • Do you have professionally-made documents about your artworks ready to share with your accountants, lawyers and other professionals?

    • Do you know how to pack your artworks for international and domestic shipping?

    • Do you know how to work with different departments in art museums and galleries when pieces in your collection are to be placed in an exhibition?

    • Do you know the best condition to protect your pieces?

        If the answer is no, we are here to help.

What is collection Management?
  • Create and upkeep comprehensive catalogues for clients that are easily accessible
  • The database includes the following elements:
The Basics
Hi-Res Photos
Provenance Records
  • Oversee any changes that may occur regarding a work, such as purchases, sales and loan transaction

    • Build maintenance program

    • Manage loans and appraisals

Specialist VS. Software
  • Software is essentially a too -- it doesn't maintain itself.

  • Collections Management is not only time-intensive and full of details, but also requires professional art knowledge and experiences to coordinate the monitor all the contents.

The Benefits of Proper Collections Management
  • Whether you want your collection to be your legacy or intend to sell when the right time comes, proper management of your collection ensures its value. Organized and up-to-date records of a work's ownership, exhibition and literature history sometimes can even increase the collection's value.

  • Collections management gives you a clear picture of what is in your collection.

  • By sorting and grouping records logged in the database, you will be able to see gaps within your collection. For instance, you would like to have a comprehensive collection of pop art prints and by having a clear overview of all the pieces you currently own, you can easily identify the artist or time period your collection is lacking.

Acquisition & Sales
Our insight, network, and experience can save your time and money
Acquire and sell art require the collector's good knowledge about the art industry and market. A new art buyer may not be able to think about any other issues beyond the information about the artist, the purchased work, and the price at the moment of his/her purchase. It takes time for an art buyer to grow into an art collector who has the confidence in his/her taste, and knowledge on his art genre and market. A seasoned art collector usually has developed a strategy and a purchasing process to build the collection he/she desires. When he/she needs to sell artworks in exchange for capital or to renew his/her collection, he/she knows how to work with dealers, consultants, or auction houses. This type of knowledge only comes with years of research, networking, and practice.
Knowledge of the copyright, art ownership, art law and insurance, domestic and international shipping (with the custom clearance process in different countries), art installation, and conservation is also required. Collectors of media art (art created with cutting edge technology) also need to be sensitive with materials, technology, computer science, in particular the conversion between old and new technologies over different times. The installation of media artworks can be specific as well depending on whether it'is simply screen-based or also equipped with VR or AR devices.
We offer our services to private collectors, corporate clients, industry professionals (see our services for Architectural/Interior Design Projects) as well as new buyers who are passionate about Western art of post-war to contemporary time, art created with cutting edge technologies, or Chinese contemporary art since the 1980s. Our trilingual ability, professional knowledge, work background, and experience allow us to reach a worldwide network and sources in three continents including North America, Europe, and Asia, to the top institutions, art fairs, premier auctions houses, and key figures in the art industry. We source the artworks that align with our clients' identity, values, and goals from artists and our partners in both primary and secondary markets.
Exhibition Planning & Organization
Increase the value of your art | Become influential in your community
Buying artworks from an artist or a gallery makes you a respected art collector. However, keeping or even increasing the value of your collection is a profession; it requires your good knowledge about the art world, your constant study on the art market, and your strategic planning and management of your collection. 
Exhibitions are the most efficient way for art collectors to make seen their supported artists and loved artworks. Besides the education for the public and promotion of the artist(s), exhibitions also help the art collectors to discuss collaborations with prestigious galleries and institutions, increase the value of their collections through major collaborations. The artist(s) you are buying may grow in a few years into one of the most celebrated and expensive figures in the art world. The price of his/her art may increase significantly but the number of his/her available works may largely reduce compared to the time you discovered him/her. In that case, your collection will present high value to prestigious art galleries and institutions.
Tracking the success of the artist(s) in your collection is an important work you need to pursue with professional manners. More and more collectors are hiring professional art consultants and/or collection management experts to manage their collections and maximize their and their artists' influence and value. The value of your art collection may have a significant impact on your wealth and your influence as a social figure in your community. Many collectors - especially the new ones - are hiring experienced art consultants to help them to plan and manage their collections. It is an important investment that every art collector need to consider seriously. Early you start the work, better you will benefit from what your artist and the art world can offer to you. Do you have a precise idea about how to set up your exhibition and promote the artists and art you love to the broad public? Do you know how much chance you have to attract the attention of prestigious galleries and institutions with your art collection? Do you know how to promote it to them through an exhibition?
Art Commission
Support your favorite artists by ordering customised works from them
A collector who buys regularly from his/her artists can commission customized works from them or their galleries. However, it's not always as evident and straightforward as we imagine. Art commission is not the same as your order of new furniture. Art sells for its uniqueness and rarity. A commissioned piece means the only one in the world for your lifetime, and it's ONLY for you. It is a big and special commitment from both you and your artist. 
Before you communicate all the information about your desired work with your artist - genre, size, materials, the type of space you wish to show your work and the budget you want to commit to the commission - the first thing you need to know is whether your artist accepts commission request from his/her clients. Not every artist, especially the established ones, accepts commissions. With an artist represented by a blue-chip gallery, collectors may line up for two or three years to get their commissioned work home.
It's normal for art buyers even regular collectors to feel intimidated by talking with artists or galleries about art commissions. Having a mediator who has the insight and knows the rules to communicate for you can make your commission process easier and smoother. He/she can even reduce your waiting time if he/she is a great networker, and experienced in this type of negotiation.
Are you considering to make a commission? We can manage it for you.
Architecture & Interior Design Projects
We bring you new vision and save your time dealing with the art world
Our experience tells us that architects and interior designers who are audacious with materials, colors, and forms, curious with cutting edge technologies, and like to think out of the box enjoy the most having a conversation with us. 
Space, for us, is a fascinating carrier of art. We excel at incorporating art into different spaces managed by architects and interior designers, in particular art created with cutting edge technologies. Our experiences working with artists, architects, and interior designers taught us that working with the architects and interior designers from the masterplan stage is critical to maximizing the success of the collaboration. The contribution of art not only brings creative solutions to make their projects extraordinarily successful, but can also reduce the production cost of their projects.
Are you looking for creative solutions for your current project? Give us a call. We are ready to discuss.

Interior Design Partners

Chiasmus Partners, Inc.

CHIASMUS PARTNERS, INC was established in New York in 2005. With the expansion of the team, it now has offices in Beijing, Seoul and Newport Beach, USA, and has been involved in the design of many international cultural spaces and advanced commercial projects. Based in the cultural and commercial field, Chiasmus is committed to developing innovative buildings, pursuing contradictions in culture and architecture, asking questions and solving problems.


Chiasmus believes that as the boundaries between form and content become blurred, the spatial and structural characteristics of each building are inseparable from its function and meaning. Everyone lives as an individual in a specific time and space, but the experience of human beings as a whole is increasingly similar. Every place has its own place, and every building created by the design has the ability to protect, transform and emphasize the value of its location.


While having a wealth of experience in various projects, Chiasmus has a strong desire to meet the challenges and explore and research the issues raised by each of the different projects. For them, "ordinary questions" and "fixed answers" do not exist. Each project is a new invitation – an opportunity for creative interpretation, critical planning, meticulous strategy, and technological innovation.

James Wei Ke

Partner and co-founder of Chiasmus

James Wei Ke's work focuses on architecture which reshapes the experience of public space. His work involves publications, teaching, and multidisciplinary studies on bridging the gap between space and human behavior. He has taught at Columbia University, New York Institute of Technology and Tongji University.

Hyunho Lee

Partner and co-founder of Chiasmus

Hyunho Lee is a registered architect in the state of New York and New Jersey, and a member of American Institute of Architects. Hyunho Lee is currently the chair of Interior Architecture Department at Hongik University.

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