JY&A is interested in building a long term partnership with our clients. 
Each client is different. We take our time to understand who you are and what you want to achieve in your lifetime. And how you express yourself is the most important to help us tailor our services in the best way to fulfill your specific needs. We strive to offer personalized services to our clients and stay flexible in the way we work with them. Each partnership can be shaped around our clients' different personalities and specific needs.
We team up with art historians, researchers, curators, market experts, art lawyers, financial advisors, art insurance advisors, and international art shipping companies to provide a full range of comprehensive and high-quality services for our clients. As your dedicated partner in art, we are here to assist you to win in your world. 

Get in Touch for a Strategic Consultancy
Find out who you are, what inspires you, and make a plan for your exploration

We start our services by listening to you and understanding who you are and where and how you need our assistance specifically. 

Once we have the necessary information, we will be able to make a plan strategically and bring the best solutions for your businesses.

  • Take a couple of minutes to play an Art Game. It tells who you are and what you like in art.

Other ways to get in touch:

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Build An Art Collection for Homes or Offices
Our vision, global working experiences, understanding of the art history and the industry, and insight into the market help you to find the art in your taste also meaningful to your life

Acquire and sell art require a collector's good knowledge about the art industry and market. It takes time for an art buyer to grow into an art collector who has confidence in his/her taste, and knowledge of his art genre and market. A seasoned art collector usually has developed a strategy and a purchasing process to build the collection he/she desires.

JY&A professional art consultancy services pave the way for her clients to make the transition from a New Art Buyer to Art Collector, save them from time-wasting, unproductive networking, and unnecessary financial investment in art acquisitions and sales. 


Our capabilities:


  • Sourcing art globally to find the piece that moves your heart

  • Assist you to research your favorite artists, create analytic market reports on the values of their works,  help you to understand their value, and reward your investment

  • Develop a strategy for your art purchase from galleries, art fairs, art auctions, or private collectors

  • Guide you to navigate through your negotiation of the Buyer's contract

  • Help you to organize the artwork domestic or international shipping, customs clearance, storage, insurance, installation, framing

  • Coordinate with tax and law professionals helping you to understand and treat topics and documents related to copyright, ownership, art law, insurance, and conservation

For collectors who favor works created with digital and cutting-edge technologies:

  • We understand that you are sensitive to materials, technology, computer science, in particular the conversion between old and new technologies over different times. The installation of media artworks can be specific as well depending on whether it's simply screen-based or also equipped with VR or AR devices.

We have excellent/unique technical support resources to help you to solve any specific problems you might encounter in collecting technology-based artworks.

Commission Art from Artists
Meet your favorite artists, and support them by commissioning customized works

A collector who buys regularly from his/her artists can commission customized works from them or their galleries. However, it's not always as evident and straightforward as we imagine. Art commission is not the same as your order a new furniture. Art sells for its uniqueness and rarity. A commissioned piece means the only one in the world for your lifetime, and it's ONLY for you. It is a big and special commitment from both you and your artist. 

JY&A has nearly two decades of presenting and managing emerging and pioneer artists in the contemporary art world. We have worked with a wide range of art museums, festivals, biennials, galleries, and art fairs worldwide. We understand who they are, how they work. We know how to communicate with them for our clients and create win-win working conditions for both parties.  

Our capabilities:

  • Get the insight information about the artist you wish to commission

  • Define the time that the artist needs to put to produce your commissioned artwork

  • Assist you to define the genre, size, materials of your commissioned artwork in the space you wish to exhibit the work, and the budget you wish to commit to this commission

  • Arrange a gallery visit and/or artist studio visit (if applicable)

  • Help you to navigate in your negotiation with the gallery or the artist, and close the deal

  • Assist you to negotiate the art commission contract or any related legal documents

  • Organize the artwork shipping between the gallery/artist studio and your address 

  • Organize the artwork installation at your address

  • Advice for insurance and maintenance


Please keep in mind:


  • Not every artist, especially the established ones, accepts commissions. With an artist represented by a blue-chip gallery, collectors may line up for two or three years to get their commissioned work home.

Manage Your Passion Assets with Smart Plans
Make your emotional investment strategically, track the artworks you own effectively

Collecting art is primarily to make an emotional investment.

Art helps us to express our feelings, and create spaces and lifestyles that show our unique identities and personalities.  

Art can never be a sure value to increase our wealth, but each artist's achievement in his/her career, the acknowledgment they gain from their industry and market still provide us sustainable criteria to make good decisions on what to invest for our life and well being. From the first piece of decoration you purchase for your living room or office, you have the chance to own a Passion Asset instead of simple consumer goods to increase the value of your wealth portfolio. 

Each piece of art you purchase requires to be conserved under the proper conditions to ensure its longevity and value. When the number of artworks you own becomes important, a professionally-made inventory listing the detailed information of each artwork is the only way for you to track down your collection. It also allows you to work efficiently with your financial and wealth management advisors, shipping, and insurance companies. ​

Purchase art professionally is a life-changing experience that brings you great fulfillment and it could be both emotionally and financially. We can work with you and design smart plans for you to reach the goals. 

Our capabilities:

  • Turn your decoration into Passion Assets with the mindset of an art collector 

  • Build an art collection for you strategically with a budget to create your unique lifestyle

  • Protect your art collection with a trustworthy art insurance partner 

  • Organize and maintain the artworks you own with an up-to-date database, inventory, catalog, or other elaborated documents

  • Build a maintenance program to ensure your collection's longevity

  • Connect you with an art restoration professional to recover the damage to your artwork

  • Manage loans and appraisals of your artworks

  • Renew or sell your collection or artworks when the right time comes

Extensive reading: What is included in an art inventory?

The Basics

Name of the Artwork, Name and Nationality of the Artist, Year of Creation, Medium, Dimensions, Price of Purchase and Location

Hi-Res Photos
Provenance Records
  • Registrarial records 

  • Curatorial records

  • Conservation files

  • ​For more information, please click here.

  • Oversee any changes that may occur regarding a work, such as purchases, sales and loan transaction

    • Build maintenance program

    • Manage loans and appraisals

Specialist vs. Software
  • Software is essentially a tool -- it doesn't maintain itself.

  • Collections Management is not only time-intensive and full of details, but also requires professional art knowledge and experiences to coordinate the monitor all the contents.

Share the Special YOU with the World
Share your intellectual wealth with the society, increase the value of your collection, become influential in your community

Increasing the value of your collection is a profession. As a collector, you can chose to passively follow the art market movement, or contribute to the movement by actively promote your artists through art events or exhibitions. In another word, you have the same opportunity and power to support your collected artists by sharing their works with the broader public in galleries or museums. The more you show them, the more their value will increase, the more they will bring you fulfillment and reward both emotionally and financially.


Common ways for art collectors to share their collections with a broader public:

  • Host art events or exhibitions at their own home

  • Partner with an art curator, consultant, or institution to organize professional art exhibitions showing your collection in an art gallery, art museum, or non-profit organization

  • Loan their collection to an art museum for specific exhibition programs

  • Make a donation for charity purpose or to an auction to sell the work

JY&A has nearly two decades of producing, curating international art exhibitions, and representing and managing emerging and pioneer artists in the contemporary art world. We have worked with a wide range of art museums, festivals, biennials, galleries, and art fairs worldwide. Our vision, experiences, insight into the art world and market make us your ideal partner to design the best strategy to promote your collection internationally.

Our capabilities:

  • Academic research in English, Chinese Mandarin, and French

  • Exhibition curation, production, installation, dismantling

  • Organization of special events including panel discussions, symposiums, conferences, interviews, live performances (music, dance, sound art performances, film screening)

  • PR / media campaign (online, offline) 

  • Fundraising

  • Catalog editing, publication

  • Project management

  • Artwork or art collection loans management

  • Artwork sales

  • Legal contracts negotiation

Collaboration with Architects & Designers
We bring you new vision and save your time dealing with the art world

Our experience tells us that architects and interior designers who are audacious with materials, colors, and forms, curious with cutting edge technologies, and like to think out of the box enjoy the most having a conversation with us. 

Space, for us, is a fascinating carrier of art. We excel at incorporating art into different spaces managed by architects and interior designers, in particular art created with cutting edge technologies. Our experiences working with artists, architects, and interior designers taught us that working with the architects and interior designers from the masterplan stage is critical to maximizing the success of the collaboration. The contribution of art not only brings creative solutions to make their projects extraordinarily successful but can also reduce the production cost of their projects.


Are you looking for creative solutions for your current project? We are ready to discuss.