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J. Yuan & Associates has a clear mission of helping art collectors and enthusiasts discover and own art that aligns with their identities, values, and goals. We specialize in Western art (post-war to present), Chinese contemporary art, digital art, and ones created with cutting-edge technologies. We assist collectors in discovering new art, conducting research, planning exhibitions, managing acquisitions, sales, commissions, and building collections. We rely on our rigorous academic research, market analysis, extensive network, and rich experience working with both non-profit and for-profit art organizations to provide high-quality consulting services to our clients. Our professional network covers Asia, Europe and North America, and draws on vital connections with top galleries, institutions, art fairs, auction houses, and private collectors.

Xiaoying Juliette Yuan is a contemporary art consultant currently based in New York City.


Fluent in Chinese, French, and English, she has rich experiences drawn from living and working in China, France, and the U.S.  

Ever creative, innovative, and experimental, she was actively involved for more than a decade in media art research, curatorial practice, and educational programs as one of the pioneer contemporary art curators in Mainland China and on the international stage before founding her art consulting agency in New York City. From 2004 to 2017, she produced international exhibitions, conferences, artists workshops, and publications in collaboration with governmental institutions (Ministry of Culture in China, French Consulate, British Council, Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council in Shanghai, among others), museums (Power Station Of Art, Shanghai Himalayas Museum, The Imperial City Art Museum Beijing, among others), festivals, biennials (Shanghai Biennale, Chengdu Biennale), art academies (Central Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Institute Of Visual Arts, among others), and private art spaces. Her projects involved many of the world's most influential scholars, artists, curators, art critics, musicians, and architects, who showcased and discussed cutting-edge theories and artistic creations.

Xiaoying Juliette Yuan, Founder & Director 

Her most important projects include the first retrospective exhibition of Roy Ascott, the renown telematic art pioneer from the UK at the 9th Shanghai Biennale (2012), the publication of a three-volume "Media Arts Collection" introducing Western media art history in Mandarin (2013), and organization of the Asian art programs of the New York Electronic Art Festival (2013 and 2015), in collaboration with The Museum Of Moving Image New York, and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office New York. Yuan's early years spent in France, working for French corporates, and a family owned-antique business in Paris helped her to gain excellent skills in administration and business management, which later facilitated her landing at executive posts at international art fairs in China (ShContemporary Art Fair in Shanghai, Art Beijing international art fair in Beijing). She kept her interest in art and business vivid while she was working with non-profit institutions. After her immigration to the U.S., she started making a career transition from curator to a consultant by organizing numerous events investigating the issues of the digital art collection. In 2017, she initiated an important project between Postmasters Gallery in New York and ShanghArt Gallery in Shanghai, managed their collaboration at the Westbund Art & Design Fair in Shanghai in presenting the New York gallery's two leading artists' solo exhibitions to Chinese art world, collectors community, and public.

Bing Zoe Zhang, Curator 

Our Partners

Zoe ZHANG Bing is a contemporary art expert with over 20 years of experience working in art foundations, museums, and galleries. She is currently living and working in Los Angeles. 


Zhang has acted as deputy director of the Shanghai Duolon Museum of Modern Art (appointment in 2006) and served as one of ten curators at the Kuandu Biennale in Taipei. In 2016, she was appointed Anxin Trust's board chairperson, helped the Trust to establish their art foundation SAAC. During her tenure, SAAC sponsored the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art exhibition Rauschenberg in China, Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ solo exhibition at the Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum, BizART Documenta at  Art and China after 1989:Theater of the World, Guggenheim Museum, The Big Tie Elephant exhibition at Times Art Museum Guangzhou, and supported Minsheng Art Museum project International Art Critic Prize, as well as the Art021 Fair and West Bund Art Fair. 


Zhang's major exhibitions and art projects include: I wish you can swim like the Dolphins can swim, video/film program of Taipei Dangdai 2020; the solo exhibition of Michel Blazy (2017 Venice Biennial participating artist), the French Consulate in Shanghai, 2018; Lecture Series spectrum of Performance(ing) Arts, co-organized with Rockbund Art Museum, Your Selfie Stick (and You), LianzhouFoto Festival 2017 Theme Exhibition. 


Zoe ZHANG has collaborated on numerous occasions with the German Consulate in Shanghai, curating a series of exhibitions for The Open Space of Goethe Institution, promoting cooperation and exchange between German and Chinese artists. The project provided highlighted the careers of an important number of emerging artists in China including Li Qing, Xu Wenkai (aka AAAjiao), Li Liao, Ni Youyu, among many others.

Chiasmus Partners, Inc.

CHIASMUS PARTNERS, INC was established in New York in 2005. With the expansion of the team, it now has offices in Beijing, Seoul and Newport Beach, USA, and has been involved in the design of many international cultural spaces and advanced commercial projects. Based in the cultural and commercial field, Chiasmus is committed to developing innovative buildings, pursuing contradictions in culture and architecture, asking questions and solving problems.


Chiasmus believes that as the boundaries between form and content become blurred, the spatial and structural characteristics of each building are inseparable from its function and meaning. Everyone lives as an individual in a specific time and space, but the experience of human beings as a whole is increasingly similar. Every place has its own place, and every building created by the design has the ability to protect, transform and emphasize the value of its location.


While having a wealth of experience in various projects, Chiasmus has a strong desire to meet the challenges and explore and research the issues raised by each of the different projects. For them, "ordinary questions" and "fixed answers" do not exist. Each project is a new invitation – an opportunity for creative interpretation, critical planning, meticulous strategy, and technological innovation.

James Wei Ke

Partner and co-founder of Chiasmus

James Wei Ke's work focuses on architecture which reshapes the experience of public space. His work involves publications, teaching, and multidisciplinary studies on bridging the gap between space and human behavior. He has taught at Columbia University, New York Institute of Technology and Tongji University.

Hyunho Lee

Partner and co-founder of Chiasmus

Hyunho Lee is a registered architect in the state of New York and New Jersey, and a member of American Institute of Architects. Hyunho Lee is currently the chair of Interior Architecture Department at Hongik University.

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