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Sat, Dec 15


JY&A, Upper East Side, New York, NY, USA

life patterns: abstract works by two emerging artists from mainland china

j. yuan & associates llc new york celebrates the launching of our business with the exhibition "life patterns" featuring two emerging artists' abstract works from mainland china.

life patterns: abstract works by two emerging artists from mainland china
life patterns: abstract works by two emerging artists from mainland china

Time & Location

Dec 15, 2018, 1:00 PM – Jan 14, 2019, 6:00 PM

JY&A, Upper East Side, New York, NY, USA


j. yuan & associates llc new york welcomes art professionals and lovers to attend its first open art salon weekend. the salon is illustrated by a small-scale exhibition, life patterns, featuring two emerging artists' works from mainland china:

yang xin, the nominee of the first porsche young chinese artist of the year 2017;

jin junjie, one of the most promising artists from the generation born in the 80s.


j. yuan & associates llc open art salon weekend

december 15 and 16, 2018, 1-5pm, both days

by invitation only

life patterns: abstract works of two rising stars from mainland china

december 15, 2018-january 14, 2019

by appointment only

artists and works

yang xin and her micro-world

after two solo exhibitions at space station gallery in beijing (2016) and klein sun gallery in new york (during the Asia Contemporary Art Week, 2017), this is the third time that yang xin reveals the colorful yet mysterious life patterns of her micro-world to the public.

yang, by the significant artistic expression, highlighted the microcosm in the way of superposition and cloning in which the audiences are guided to aware of the subtlest secret of life. These accidental and inevitable mineral pigments, condensed and penetrated on a transparent slide, continually reproduce and divide just like mysterious life. These colored spots are even in nature. At the molecular level, Yang reconstructed the seemingly realistic simulation of reality by decomposition, analysis, control, amplification and reproduction of vitality. It is through this new form of visualization that life can be considered as a series of intelligible life mechanisms at the molecular level. Yang’s studio is like a biological science incubator: all laboratory utensils, such as a needle, test tube, petri dish, stirrer, maybe her own painting tools. The artist always explores the hidden changes and relations in life by microscopic observation of the structure of microorganisms. For the reconstruction of technical rationality and exploration of biological science, Yang observed and researched the effective elements of life and reproduction: the life paints with organelles as the ontological language—this amazing, natural perfect functional form is the elaborate arrangement for the achievement of life. Conjecturing the wisdom of the creator, Yang recreated a life form with plants and inanimate minerals. With the rational and rigorous cognition of life science, she reproduces the beauty that technology and system are formed by chance: the elements in life can be separated from the connection of cells, organs, organisms, and species so that they can circulate and combine with others. A new epistemological revolution is taking place: a kind of deep biology by which Yang attempts to demonstrate the potential organic laws of closed life system. This exhibition will present the process of experimental creation and a series of works to create an aesthetic space with laboratory property.

(from micro: a form of life, introduction of yang xin's solo exhibition micro on november 26-december 25, 2016 at space station gallery, beijing, china)

jin junjie and his raw-lacquer paintings

jin junjie applies a triple-image in his painting practice. one is the form of droplet, another is the fluid line, the third is the hole.

in jin's works, the dynamic lines of traces, pituitary-like or whirlpool-like, and the radiance glowing at different depths got all tangled, rotated and flowed on canvases. the specialties derived from the process of production, the laws of fluid physics, the unexpected of original manual work, and the spiritual mystery. these control and open nature formed a unique dazzling picture.

(from the introduction of dripping water cave-jin junjie solo exhibition on october 13-november 12, 2018 at space station gallery, beijing, china)

jin junjie is obsessed with his bold adventures as he explores the screen languages of his paintings without the fear of trial and error. this process results in unforeseen outcomes on his canvases that increasingly strengthen his belief. [...] the artist used as metaphors the complicated process of color usage through layers of acrylic and reached a certain thickness by engraving them. his creations were never a concrete stroke of isolated moments rather a continuous fabric. the continuity constitutes its rare organic and spiritual outcome. [...] the innumerable fine points carved out by the intensely carved body show the two-dimensional to three-dimensional transformation process after it has solidified into a solid shape. it is also the source of visualization for the artist's creative logic.

(from blue hole by jin junjie at space station beijing, in blouin artinfo, january 02, 2018, on the occasion of blue hole-jin junjie's solo exhibition on december 4, 2017-january 3, 2018 at space station gallery, beijing, china)

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