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Sun, Jul 28


JY&A, Upper East Side, New York, NY, USA


[II] John F. Simon, Jr.: Line On A Walk, A Selection Of Digital Drawings


Time & Location

Jul 28, 2019, 7:00 PM EDT – Sep 11, 2019, 12:08 AM EDT

JY&A, Upper East Side, New York, NY, USA


Curated by: Xiaoying Juliette Yuan

Today, when our society is trying to imagine the potential impact of AI technology on our future, JY&A invites you to travel back to the New York of the ’80s and ’90s to discover a selection of early works created by the first generation of artists involved in the intersection of art and technology. The transition of analog-to-digital and these artists' early practices incorporating a digital language into their work, forms an intriguing dialogue with today's artists who utilize cutting-edge technologies and reference the Internet.

Downtown Digital: NYC 1980s-1990s, online exclusively on, focuses on selected archived works from New York-based pioneer artists. Mainly works on paper, paintings, and prints, these archives contain the artists' early explorations with cutting-edge technology in a fine arts practice. The ideas that were born in these archives were subsequently developed into paintings, sculptures, and interactive installations of various sizes and formats, presented in commercial galleries, museums, art fairs and collected by private collectors and museums ​internationally​.

We are committed to presenting the archive work of a generation of artists from a fine arts background who was the first to engage a tech-art aesthetic. They graduated from prominent art schools in the US, trained as painters or sculptors but spent significant time learning software, computer coding, and programming. Subsequently, a market for this type of art developed with their persistence and dedication.

[II] John F. Simon, Jr.: Line On A Walk, A Selection Of Digital Drawings

07/15/2019 – 09/10/2019

Small retrospective showcasing a series of rare archive drawings from one of the most accomplished, widely exhibited and collected pioneers in computer art in the US. The most important research in fine arts, software, technologies. The earliest drawings are dated 25 years old!


[III] Joseph Nechvatal, represented by Galerie Richard (New York/Paris)

Computer Virus Project 1.0

August 1 - September 30, 2019

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