Provenance Research
Know the ownership history, authenticity, and value of your artwork
"The ownership history of a work of art is of fundamental importance for all those involved in the collecting, exhibiting and study of art, for determining both attribution as well as legal title.[...] An ideal provenance history would provide a documentary record of owners' names; dates of ownership, and means of transference, ie. inheritance, or sale through a dealer or auction; and locations where the work was kept, from the time of its creation by the artist until the present day. Unfortunately, such complete, unbroken records of ownership are rare, and most works of art contain gaps in provenance."
Our advantages as provenance researcher:
A. We can research in three original languages: English, French, and Chinese mandarin.
B. We have a large and efficient network in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa, can access individuals, academies, non-profit institutions, commercial art endeavors, and track down the history of an artwork with trusty connections and worldwide resources.
C. We are specialized in Western post-war and contemporary art, Chinese contemporary art, with an excellent knowledge on media art (art and technology) in both Western countries and China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
We follow the professional standard of AAM Guide to Provenance Research (by Nancy H. Yeide, Konstantin Akinsha, Amy L. Walsh) to provide high-quality service to our clients.