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John F. Simon Jr: Unfolding Moments

Nov 15th 2020 - Jan 15th, 2021

Online Exhibition

J. Yuan & Associates LLC is delighted to present Unfolding Moments, an online solo exhibition of American artist John F. Simon Jr., as our Winter Art Salon Program. As a pioneer of software art, John F. Simon Jr. has explored new media art and challenged traditional notions of painting and drawing since the mid-1980s. The selection of works in Unfolding Moments spans over two decades of Simon’s career and comprises different media and forms, including gouache and pen plotter drawings, wall sculptures and installations.

Mary Ann Strandell: Floating Steps

Aug 22nd - Nov 10th, 2020

Online Exhibition

J. Yuan & Associates New York is pleased to present Floating Steps, an online solo exhibition by American artist Mary Ann Strandell, as our Art Salon Program. Strandell is known for her lush paintings of architectural structures and nature subjects, at times combined with objects circulated along ancient and modern trade routes.

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Yilan Elaine Qiu

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