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We bring you new vision and save your time dealing with the art world
Our experience tells us that architects and interior designers who are audacious with materials, colors, and forms, curious with cutting edge technologies, and like to think out of the box enjoy the most having a conversation with us. 
Space, for us, is a fascinating carrier of art. We excel at incorporating art into different spaces managed by architects and interior designers, in particular art created with cutting edge technologies. Our experiences working with artists, architects, and interior designers taught us that working with the architects and interior designers from the masterplan stage is critical to maximizing the success of the collaboration. The contribution of art not only brings creative solutions to make their projects extraordinarily successful, but can also reduce the production cost of their projects.
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Interior Design Partners

Chiasmus Partners, Inc.

CHIASMUS PARTNERS, INC was established in New York in 2005. With the expansion of the team, it now has offices in Beijing, Seoul and Newport Beach, USA, and has been involved in the design of many international cultural spaces and advanced commercial projects. Based in the cultural and commercial field, Chiasmus is committed to developing innovative buildings, pursuing contradictions in culture and architecture, asking questions and solving problems.


Chiasmus believes that as the boundaries between form and content become blurred, the spatial and structural characteristics of each building are inseparable from its function and meaning. Everyone lives as an individual in a specific time and space, but the experience of human beings as a whole is increasingly similar. Every place has its own place, and every building created by the design has the ability to protect, transform and emphasize the value of its location.


While having a wealth of experience in various projects, Chiasmus has a strong desire to meet the challenges and explore and research the issues raised by each of the different projects. For them, "ordinary questions" and "fixed answers" do not exist. Each project is a new invitation – an opportunity for creative interpretation, critical planning, meticulous strategy, and technological innovation.

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James Wei Ke

Partner and co-founder of Chiasmus

James Wei Ke's work focuses on architecture which reshapes the experience of public space. His work involves publications, teaching, and multidisciplinary studies on bridging the gap between space and human behavior. He has taught at Columbia University, New York Institute of Technology and Tongji University.

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Hyunho Lee

Partner and co-founder of Chiasmus

Hyunho Lee is a registered architect in the state of New York and New Jersey, and a member of American Institute of Architects. Hyunho Lee is currently the chair of Interior Architecture Department at Hongik University.