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We are art professionals dedicated to help you to create a unique lifestyle with art that aligns with your values, identities and goals.

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How We Can Help You

Documenting art - the most painful part of your work is in our charge
Our insight, network, and experience can save your time and money
Increase the value of your art | Become influential in your community
Support your favorite artists by ordering customised works from them
We bring you new vision and save your time dealing with the art world
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Image by Scott Webb

Art Salon

JY&A Art Salon Program promotes works and artists under JY&A's consignment. The salon functions as a mini art gallery. The program showcases paintings, sculptures, photographs, edition works, digital art pieces as well as experimental installations using cutting-edge technologies. Our artists are collected by top art institutions worldwide, such as MoMA, the MET, Guggenheim, Whitney, the New Museum, LACMA, SFMOCA, Art Institute of Chicago, Denver Art Museum, among many others.


Mary Ann Strandell 

Floating Steps

Virtual Exhibition

Aug 22nd - Nov 10th 2020