Exhibition Planning & Organization
Increase the value of your art | Become influential in your community
Buying artworks from an artist or a gallery makes you a respected art collector. However, keeping or even increasing the value of your collection is a profession; it requires your good knowledge about the art world, your constant study on the art market, and your strategic planning and management of your collection. 
Exhibitions are the most efficient way for art collectors to make seen their supported artists and loved artworks. Besides the education for the public and promotion of the artist(s), exhibitions also help the art collectors to discuss collaborations with prestigious galleries and institutions, increase the value of their collections through major collaborations. The artist(s) you are buying may grow in a few years into one of the most celebrated and expensive figures in the art world. The price of his/her art may increase significantly but the number of his/her available works may largely reduce compared to the time you discovered him/her. In that case, your collection will present high value to prestigious art galleries and institutions.
Tracking the success of the artist(s) in your collection is an important work you need to pursue with professional manners. More and more collectors are hiring professional art consultants and/or collection management experts to manage their collections and maximize their and their artists' influence and value. The value of your art collection may have a significant impact on your wealth and your influence as a social figure in your community. Many collectors - especially the new ones - are hiring experienced art consultants to help them to plan and manage their collections. It is an important investment that every art collector need to consider seriously. Early you start the work, better you will benefit from what your artist and the art world can offer to you. Do you have a precise idea about how to set up your exhibition and promote the artists and art you love to the broad public? Do you know how much chance you have to attract the attention of prestigious galleries and institutions with your art collection? Do you know how to promote it to them through an exhibition?