Collection Management
Documenting art - the most painful part of your work is in our charge
Art collecting is a life-long journey. Documenting your artworks and collection is the most important yet the most tedious and painful work to accomplish, as it requires tremendous amount of time, patience, focus, accuracy, and excellent organizational skills. Even if you can find the time to go through your collection after your regular daily workload, you might not always be able to keep your mind calm and clear to handle all the following details you need to register in your art inventory. 
How to inventory your artworks and art collection?
A. Scan and register purchase invoice with date and seller information.
B. Take hi-res images of your artworks installed and close-ups from several angles (front, back, signature, or any detail that deserves your attention).
C. Note the provenance of your artworks (a full record of previous private or institutional collections or galleries to which your work belonged) 
D. Record for each artwork the artist name, artwork title, date of creation, dimensions, price, creative process, materials used, the technique applied, subject matter, inspiration, and background story.
E. Record distinguishing features or inscriptions such as stamps, labels, inventory numbers, signatures, or dedications sometimes at the back of the painting or on the base of a sculpture.
F. Condition report: record changes to the surface of the work including but not limited to discoloration, striations, or chips in the frame on an annual basis.
G. Bibliography: cited catalog raisonné, preview/review, or any other scholarly/critic articles.
H. Exhibition history: exhibitions list and copies of catalogs from exhibitions.
I. Display detail: the condition of the frame (original or replaced), installers' names, installation method, and tools.
J. Location: home, or more than one residence, or storage (with detailed information such as an address, condition, policy, person in contact, and contact information). If you are not ready to go through such a documenting work, we can do it for you.