Art Commission
Support your favorite artists by ordering customised works from them
A collector who buys regularly from his/her artists can commission customized works from them or their galleries. However, it's not always as evident and straightforward as we imagine. Art commission is not the same as your order of new furniture. Art sells for its uniqueness and rarity. A commissioned piece means the only one in the world for your lifetime, and it's ONLY for you. It is a big and special commitment from both you and your artist. 
Before you communicate all the information about your desired work with your artist - genre, size, materials, the type of space you wish to show your work and the budget you want to commit to the commission - the first thing you need to know is whether your artist accepts commission request from his/her clients. Not every artist, especially the established ones, accepts commissions. With an artist represented by a blue-chip gallery, collectors may line up for two or three years to get their commissioned work home.
It's normal for art buyers even regular collectors to feel intimidated by talking with artists or galleries about art commissions. Having a mediator who has the insight and knows the rules to communicate for you can make your commission process easier and smoother. He/she can even reduce your waiting time if he/she is a great networker, and experienced in this type of negotiation.
Are you considering to make a commission? We can manage it for you.