Art Viewing & Condition Checking Policy 

As the Covid-19 has not been completely cleared, JY&A will continue to apply COVID-19 health and safety precautions and the physical space will remain closed until further notice. In the meantime, we offer different online and in-person art-viewing solutions to make sure that you can fully appreciate, check the details of, and acquire artworks in a safe and comfortable environment.


Online Art Viewing Service I (Pre-recorded Video | Free)

When: 24/7

Where: JY&A Official Website (click here)


How: JY&A has recorded and will keep recording videos that showcase artworks 360° with the overall view, close-ups, materials, framing, details of the back,  signatures, and more. The videos help you to examine the condition of every work you are interested in. This service showcases elements included in an artwork condition report. If you need a formal written condition report, you may purchase it separately.


Online Art Viewing Service II (1-Hour Private Session | Free)

When: Monday to Friday

Where: Zoom, WeChat Video

To Book it: Scan the QR Code below or email


How: Just like visiting a gallery in person, you will meet with a JY&A consultant who guides you through your online viewing. You will learn the theme, movement, background stories, and all topics related to the artwork you are interested in. You will be able to check your artworks 360° including its overall view, close-up, materials, framing, front and back, artist's signature, and all other details. The consultant is at your disposal to answer any question you have about the artwork and its background.


in-Person Viewing Service (Paid)

Starting from November 1, 2020, JY&A will provide in-person art viewing service for those who live in New York State or within a two-hour drive (one-way) from Manhattan. Clients who consider purchasing this service need to make an appointment 7 working days in advance.


When: Monday to Friday

To Book it: Scan the QR Code below or email


How: We will bring art to you to a place you assign or agree to meet. We will show up with masks and gloves and will disinfect thoroughly the packing materials of the artworks before we present them to you. We will ask you to adopt proper safety precautions when you meet with us as well. In case you decide to remain unmasked or show up without any safety precaution, please be aware that JY&A does not take any responsibility for any negative consequences arising therefrom.

​Click here to see more information on in-person viewing charges.

Additional Service


Fine Art Condition Report (Paid Service)

We strongly recommend purchasing a fine art condition report if you would like to purchase an artwork, for reasons listed below:

  • To fully understand the condition of the artwork

  • In case of damage during transportation, it can be used as a proof to negotiate with the insurance company

  • To protect your legal rights to the  extent


Click here to see an example of a fine art condition report.

Click here to order a condition report for your artwork purchase(s).


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