Acquisition & Sales
Our insight, network, and experience can save your time and money
Acquire and sell art require the collector's good knowledge about the art industry and market. A new art buyer may not be able to think about any other issues beyond the information about the artist, the purchased work, and the price at the moment of his/her purchase. It takes time for an art buyer to grow into an art collector who has the confidence in his/her taste, and knowledge on his art genre and market. A seasoned art collector usually has developed a strategy and a purchasing process to build the collection he/she desires. When he/she needs to sell artworks in exchange for capital or to renew his/her collection, he/she knows how to work with dealers, consultants, or auction houses. This type of knowledge only comes with years of research, networking, and practice.
Knowledge of the copyright, art ownership, art law and insurance, domestic and international shipping (with the custom clearance process in different countries), art installation, and conservation is also required. Collectors of media art (art created with cutting edge technology) also need to be sensitive with materials, technology, computer science, in particular the conversion between old and new technologies over different times. The installation of media artworks can be specific as well depending on whether it'is simply screen-based or also equipped with VR or AR devices.
We offer our services to private collectors, corporate clients, industry professionals (see our services for Architectural/Interior Design Projects) as well as new buyers who are passionate about Western art of post-war to contemporary time, art created with cutting edge technologies, or Chinese contemporary art since the 1980s. Our trilingual ability, professional knowledge, work background, and experience allow us to reach a worldwide network and sources in three continents including North America, Europe, and Asia, to the top institutions, art fairs, premier auctions houses, and key figures in the art industry. We source the artworks that align with our clients' identity, values, and goals from artists and our partners in both primary and secondary markets.