Guardian of Interesting Souls

At Juliette Yuan & Associates (JY&A), we define art consultants as the Guardian of Interesting Souls


Art touches our true Self, inspires us to express our own unique life spirit, identity, meaning, and purpose. Together they shape us into who we are and form the core value of our being. At JY&A, our clients - those who work in art and those who love and collect art - use art as a powerful tool to connect with their true Self and create a unique lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones. They are both unique and interesting souls for us. Our mission is to protect and leverage the values they create for our community and our society.


As your dedicated partner in art, JY&A excels at assisting you to connect with the art that awakens your true Self, own it, manage it strategically, and use it to create new values and joie de vivre for your life and your loved ones. 

Our firm supports in particular young talents from art, law, and business backgrounds to explore their intelligence and skills.  We create opportunities to make them part of our team, encourage them  to try their idea, and gain hands-on experience to assist our clients in

the real world. Young talents on our team are making some remarkable contributions to our business. We are grateful to have them to take on important responsibilities for our clients. 


Join us in the journey of ever-deepening appreciation of the beauty and inspiration, and light up with us together more and more people's lives by bringing them joy, confidence, influence, and love.

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How We Can Assist You

We are here to listen to you.

We work upon your requests and needs.

Track the artworks you own effectively, build an art collection strategically
Find out who you are, what inspires you, and how to benefit from our services
Our vision, experiences living and working globally, understanding of the art world,
and insight into the market make your art buying and selling process easy and smooth
Share your intellectual wealth with the society, increase the value
of your collection, become influential in your community
Meet you favorite artists, and support them by commissioning customized works
We bring you a new vision and save your time dealing with confusion and headach
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JY&A Art Salon program promotes artists and works under JY&A's consignment. The program takes the operating model of a mini art gallery, showcases paintings, sculptures, photographs, edition works, digital art pieces as well as experimental installations using cutting-edge technologies. Our artists are collected by top art institutions worldwide, such as MoMA, the MET, Guggenheim, Whitney, the New Museum, LACMA, SFMOMA, and Art Institute of Chicago.

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Art donation is the highest form of gratitude for us to give back to the society that made us who we are today. On the eve of 2021, JY&A New York accomplished a heartwarming project by donating a large art installation to Global Fertility & Genetics New York (GFG), one of the top reproductive endocrinology infertility centers specializing in customized fertility treatment in the US.

GFG is a private medical institution located in midtown, Fifth Avenue, Manhattan. The institution was founded by Annie Liu, an American-Chinese female entrepreneur and co-founder of Mulan Club New York, encourages women worldwide to take advantage of the advanced egg freezing technology in the US and plan their lives strategically to achieve their life goals. JY&A's donated art installation, Original Series #17 from Beijing-based artist Ms. Xin Yang (Beijing, China) interpreted GFG's vision on life and core value in a beautiful and romantic way.

Photos and videos copyright: JY&A New York

We Have Provided Services For


"They transformed the limited space of Juliette's apartment to a multi-layered and rich space, which integrated art into life. The overall arrangement and decoration were quite elegant and subtle—everything felt just right, and it made me experience the intimacy between art and life. It was impressive.” 

—  Lan Zhi, Private Collector living in NYC and Beijing